Sarah Connor Chronicles

April 20, 2009

This is a bit of a late comment on the last episode of the season, although according to Scalzi’s Spoiler Statute of Limitations it’s fair game to discuss now. My complaint was that when Weaver revealed she was a terminator, Sarah, John & Ellis all totally took it in stride and followed her down to the basement. It should have taken a lot more for her to convince them that she wasn’t an enemy.

But it’s probably not going to matter because the show is probably going to get cancelled. The cliffhangers they spent so much time setting up are going to stay permanently hung.

In my mind, this is where the SciFi Channel (or SyFy or whatever) should step in. They should be looking to pick up SciFi-ish shows that didn’t quite find enough viewers on a major network. Think Firefly. Those shows obviously have some fans, so they’d have an immediate audience, even if not all of them carried over from the network. I suppose they wouldn’t have as much money, so maybe the actors would have to take a paycut, or maybe they’d have to find some new actors, although I can’t believe the budget for Battlestar Galactica was much less than something like TSCC.

I’d rather watch that than Ghost Hunters, or the lame movies they come up with.

edited to add: that goes double for Pushing Daisies.


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