Losing Touch

February 27, 2011

The Facebook minions are stepping up their campaign to assimilate me. Not sure how much longer I can hold out.

It occurs to me that for anyone over 20 now, Facebook etc. are letting people get back in touch with people they knew in college, high school, a town they used to live in, an old job, all of those kinds of things. But for kids growing up now, the whole idea of losing touch with someone in the first place is going to become meaningless. It will be almost impossible for them to grow up without some kind of online presence. The only way they’ll be able to lose contact with someone is if they do it intentionally.

Or maybe I’m underestimating the power of lazy. Maybe with ubiquitous connectivity the kids will find new ways to waste time and still manage to forget about all those real humans they used to know.


One comment

  1. The answer you looking for is Facebook games. They suck them in and they don’t interact with folks on facebook anymore either.

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